The name Rajashree Warrier will set off a series of images flickering across the Malayalee mindscreen : a proficient Bharatanatyam dancer who has given numerous stage performances inside and outside India a Carnatic Classical vocalist who has rendered music concerts at home and abroad . But the picture that will stay for keeps will probably be that of Rajashree, the doyenne of Malayalam TV anchoring.
She entered the visual media when it was still in its embryonic phase, in a stage at which ‘compeering’ to most people meant an announcer who glibly ad-libbed a few lines at the start of the show. In a sense, Rajashree was one of a handful of professionally qualified anchors who taught the viewers the real meaning of ‘anchoring’ – a master of ceremonies who held the reins of the programme firmly in his hand and decided the direction in which it should go. She joined Doordarshan in 1990 where she hosted Sameeksha, an intellectual discussion on the poems of Vayalar . Later she became a staff of a prominent channel and co-hosted the then premiere morning show Suprabhatam for 2 ½ hours everyday, for 4 years on the trot – a show with which she is identified even today. She has presented a popular cultural magazine Daivathinte Nattil for DD Kerala ; Directed,Scripted and Presented  a series on the classical dances of South India Saparya for Amrita TV and another series on the cultural heritage of Kerala, Paithruka Keralam for Asianet.
Being one of the first in the field has its share of advantages and disadvantages. She had no role model to base herself upon, but she was able to give a free hand to her originality and talent and develop her own individual style. While her pertinent questions, clear reasoning, confidence and poise helped in no mean measure by her good looks and charming smile soon won her accolades – that included the Best Presenter Award a number of times – it was the air of genteel dignity that she brought to her programmes that set her apart. She was no ring mistress who do anything to provoke or goad her guests to give a good performance, but a refined hostess engaging them in a friendly, comfortable chat.

Rajashree, in her own words “is first a danseuse, secondly a vocalist and only then a TV presenter”. But since her unpretentious presentation, courteous manners and flawless pronunciation have made her one of the most easily recognized on-air personalities on TV today, it is as Rajashree the gracious anchor that Keralites will be most likely to remember her .

She is scripting Ragasaparya - a one hour musical feature based on Indian Classical Music for All India Radio, Tvpm. An acclaimed writer on Dance and Music, she is writing a series on dance and music titled Narthaki for pachakuthira, a publication of DC Books.

-- Text courtesy - Amrita TV